Job interview posture: Body language power tips

As written by Amy Levin-Epstein, here’s how to make sure your body language is on point and you put your best self forward on interview day:

1. Sit and stand up straight- This should be a given. Poor posture  makes you look lazy and that’s not how you want the hiring manager to perceive you as.

2. Do a practice run- Practice makes perfect. Need I say more?!

3. Wear heels wisely– Ladies, PLEASE ADHERE TO THIS RULE! Please make sure you have shoes that you can walk in comfortably (and not like a wobbly deer). Also, make sure you heels are interview appropriate. In other words, 4 inches or below and avoid the loud colors. KISS (Keep it short and simple)!

4. Show emotion– Don’t cry at the interview but show your passion, concern and interest.

5. Walk with them- This was an eye opener for me.  In this article,  Haddaway says, “Keep their pace and don’t lag behind.” After reading that line, I was reminded of an internship that I had in 2006 in Colorado. As one of the director’s took me on a tour of the facility, she was walking so fast and I struggled to keep up. I was thinking, “why in the heck are you running!” She wasn’t actually running, but it felt like it to me. At that moment I realized there was a thing called cultural differences. Mississippi is a lot slower, more relaxed than Colorado. Was that the reason why I did not receive full-time employment after my internship. Who knows, but it is food for thought.

6. Stand strong- “Do not lean on one hip (too casual) or rock back and forth (this shows nervousness and will be distracting). Also, keep your legs and feet in line with your waist — too close together and you will teeter, too far apart and you will naturally want to cross your arms for balance, and you’ll look overconfident or closed off,” says Panarello.”

Read more body language tips here.  There is one tip that I would like to add… “7. Avoid Soft Handshakes- There is nothing worse than shaking someone’s hand and the handshake is soft and weak. It makes you seem intimidated.”

Would you add any other tips?


I want to hear from you. Reply below!

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