Zappos Gives Job Titles the Boot

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Zappos plans to do away with standard hierarchy in the New Year and implement a corporate structure called ‘Holacracy.’

RobBre‘s insight:

I think job titles are so overrated. Titles, oftentimes, give unqualified people unnecessary power. Zappos is transitioning from a "hierarchy to a ‘Holacracy.’


Developed by serial entrepreneur Brian Robertson, a Holacracy is a system of governance that takes things like managers, job titles and bureaucratic red tape out of the equation, distributing leadership and power evenly across an organization. Instead of a standard hierarchy, companies in a Holacracy are comprised of different ‘circles’ and employees can have any range of roles and responsibilities within those circles, according to a report in Quartz."

I would like to see the results of implementing a holacracy. I have a lot of questions!

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