5 Times a Charm: Man Proposes to Girlfriend using Social Media

I am so emotional when it comes to love, marriage proposals, romance…all of that, that’s why I almost cried shed a tear watching this video. 

In February 2014, Jacques Bastien, owner of Boogie and PrettySimpl, used his social media and technology skills to propose to his girlfriend, Dahcia Lyons. From serenading her (not quite) daily to developing a website, Bastien found creative ways to show his love and ultimately go viral (which will be good for his business). I love when social media is used for good!


Check out the video below.  



On another note… I wonder how many new hits he has gotten to his business websites.

I wonder how many people will work with his company to produce their social media campaigns.




4 thoughts on “5 Times a Charm: Man Proposes to Girlfriend using Social Media”

    1. I know I visited one of your websites after reading about you. Unfortunately, I don’t have any money for you to run my social media campaign, but if I did I’d know who to call! Have you seen any increase in traffic since going viral?

      1. Yes, tons of hits. Whether or not they’ll become clients… guess we’ll wait and see
        If you had social campaign help, what exactly would you be looking for?

      2. Though I’m sure I personally need the help, I’d be looking for it for artist & brands that I work with. Social media is not my strength.

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