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Clippers protest by refusing to wear logo during warmups – The Washington Post

“Our message — it sounds simple — it’s stay together, play ball,” Paul told ABC before the game. “We worked really hard to be where we are. I couldn’t imagine going through anything like this with anybody leading us other than Doc. He’s been amazing and for us, we’ve have to focus on what we’re trying to do.”


Article: ‘Between Two Ferns’ Helps Drive 40% More Visits to

‘Between Two Ferns’ Helps Drive 40% More Visits to

Ellen’s preplanned Oscar selfie: a Samsung product placement

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Samsung spent nearly $20 million on Oscar TV ads and part of its sponsorship included getting its Galaxy smartphone integrated into the show. The bet paid off when host Ellen DeGeneres used the phone to take a selfie that was retweeted nearly 3 million times.

RobBre‘s insight:

"…product placement combined with ad buys help viewers better remember the products being promoted."

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Huffington Post: Lupita Nyong’o Oscars Photos Should Win Another Oscar

Yes, it’s Hollywood’s new IT girl, Lupita Nyong’o. It’s amazing that a year ago we did not know who she was, and now she is slaying everyone, everywhere she goes. Check out her awesomeness below.

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Lupita makes me…. Image She is winning right now.

Lupita Nyong’o Shines in Spring Makeup Looks for Essence

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Lupita’s Beauty–Girl of the moment, Lupita Nyong’o, makes an appearance in the March issue of ESSENCE Magazine. The actress, who recently made an appearan

RobBre‘s insight:

Lupita is so refreshing.

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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Androgynous in New Dior Campaign

And she wishes Dior would start making its gowns “more accessible for stairs.”

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Rihanna’s Tips for Dressing Like Rihanna, as Told to Vogue

They involve shopping at Claire’s and not wearing a bra.

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