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20 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Need a reason to start your own business? Here are 20 of them.



The 5 Secrets of Great Bosses

Top-notch leaders do more than drive sales. They create and foster positive work environments that inspire greatness among others.


Rihanna Unveils The New Modesty

Rihanna, she of the CFDA naked dress, wore clothes. For fashion. But, how!

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, that’s how. Rih covers the publication’s June/July issue, ushering in the era of New Modesty. It is an age that’s defined by elaborate beading, rich patterns, and hardly any skin showing. Some



She makes more money now than she did when this was taken. Photo: Saul Loeb/Getty


Instead of associates just unlocking fitting rooms, stocking shelves and ringing people up, Nyrop wants to hire people who can "engage customers," "build loyalty" and "build a relationship with a customer." Meaning, presumably, people who are informed and care about the brand and plan to stay there for a while, as opposed to people who are just there to do the bare minimum for bare minimum pay. Lower turnover is another expected benefit: Nyrop says she wants people to see retail as a potential career, not just a job.

The Collection of Olivia Pope’s Dreams Is Coming to The Limited

Scandal has won our hearts with intense storylines, but let’s be honest, it’s really about the clothes! Because at the end of the day, no plot point can grab our attention like those fierce white coats.
And no, we can’t all take Washington by storm,


5 Questions to Determine If You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

There is more to this lifestyle than meets the eye. Here are some things to ask yourself before you start.


10 Things Real Leaders Do

Leaders lead. Followers follow. It’s not complicated. You’re either one or the other. Which are you?